About Erin Stone

In July 2011 my gift began with images shown to me like the end of a projector reel movie showing a test pattern on a screen. All coming through so fast that I could not understand. I never at any time felt that this was anything else but messages I was intended to see. Over a short period of time the images began to slow and pictures presented themselves very clearly.

In July 2011, I began to at first draw simple ones and over time they began to be more colourful and more detailed. I have a sense that I am being trained with each painting for the next. There are never any mistakes, all are freehand and as simple as some are, the messages are powerful. Each and every one are to activate, and I have been guided to have them shared with all. All are numbered and dated as have transpired and on completion of what is required, when all are in order a complete message will present itself.

As of now I personally have no understanding of the writing that is present, but every picture has given me a sense of understanding and I have experienced many different emotions. You will choose the piece you are drawn to, and the message will be for you. I trust you will enjoy my gallery and join me on my journey. As new paintings transpire and are completed they will be added.